What Is A Transmission?

A car’s transmission directs power created by the engine to the wheels, which in turn, rotate the wheels. Without a transmission your car doesn’t move. There are 800 parts or more in an automatic transmission, each intricately placed and dependent on each other.

Figuring out the between a failing transmission and a multitude of other ailments your car could have is difficult. Signs of a wearing or under-performing transmission are often hard to miss, since the transmission plays such a vital and noticeable role in the actual movement of your car. The fix could be as simple as adding automatic transmission fluid. But if you notice any of the symptoms listed below, your best bet is to bring it to Precision Automotive & Transmission as soon as possible.

Precision Automotive & Transmission has ASE Certified Technicians that can easily rebuild, repair, or replace the transmission in your vehicle, backed by the best warranty in the business!

Signs of Transmission Failure

Burnt Or Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid should be a clear red or brown. If it is very dark or thick, have it changed immediately. If your transmission fluid is burnt you may also notice a sweet burning smell.

Slipping Or Delayed Response When Accelerating

This can feel like your tires are spinning on ice or you will notice the rpm’s going up without your car moving. Gears should lock in immediately. If you notice a delay when applying pressure to your gas pedal, it is a sign of trouble.

Stalling Or Refuses To Move

This often means that a transmission or another vital component is on its last leg. Your car is unsafe and needs maintenance immediately.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you notice a red liquid on the ground, get it looked at immediately. Low transmission fluid will lead to major transmission wear.

Hard Shifting

Automatic shifting is built to be smooth and nearly unnoticeable. If you feel a jerk or shake every time your car shifts, you need someone to inspect your transmission.

Weird Sounds When Revving And Shifting

Wearing transmissions sometimes give off a whining or clunking sound. This means metal is rubbing on metal. Not good.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, please call us at 903-784-7362 to schedule an appointment with one of our Master ASE Certified Transmission Technicians today.