Texas Auto Safety Inspection

Precision Automotive & Transmission is proud to be an automotive Texas State Inspection center.

Safety on the Texas roadway is of utmost importance! That’s why the state of Texas requires that all vehicles that registered in the state pass an annual inspection to ensure the safety compliance of the vehicle.  Whether you have just bought a vehicle from out of state or are needing to renew your registration, we can help!

How Do I know If I Am Due?

If your sticker says 01/23, it is due for the safety inspection!  We realize that your time is very valuable to you.  So we set our team up to get you in and out quickly!  For example, you do not need an appointment! This means that you can just come on in!

How Do I Get To Precision Automotive?

Precision Automotive is located at 2675 North Main Street, just north of Loop 286!  If you have trouble finding us, feel free to call us at 903-784-7362!